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It really sucks during this age's economic depression.
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Did a crappy paint demo and recorded it. Sped it up about 500%…
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I can die happy now.
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Yes! I've actually got a freelance job. And a nice one too. A small, casual gaming, company.

Doing backgrounds and scene layout. Not my forte but its a learning experience- and it pays.

Haven't had much time to paint about and post my own stuff lately but I haven't stopped painting!
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I'd like to offer some commissions of just about anything for sale.

Payable via Paypal.

Prices vary depending on what is wanted.
So I was going to finally get around to building a temporary website, a free one, until I got a job [normal non-industry job]. Yeah Geocities free sites = 15mb of space, no FTP upload, only 4.5mb of data transfer per hour. NO. NOOOOOOOOO.

I cannot work with that.

Anyone got any ideas?

Damn you geocities. Damn your... yahooness.
Ok, sadly not much work to show for 5 days. I have begun though. Mostly small designs to warm up my brain and hand. One detailed figure with a pretty well drawn hand.

I remembered an old character and somewhat of a story, concept from a long time ago. I might work on expounding it a bit.

Ah well, I'll keep the entry short.
Still nothing.

I at least moved my sketch books and books into my room. Hell I even opened my sketch book and skibbled- but of course quickly erased such skibs.

Went out to lunch with my folks today, good stuff. I've kept brewing on this new concept. Im still stuck on what sort of genre I want it to be. I know, however, what inspiration I will take. A lot of great writers I think have taken from their surroundings and created stories based on where they live and the people around them. Being as I just moved into this inland valley it gives me a pretty fresh eye on the environment and people.

Now Sci-fi or Medieval?

Noir is out, too close to other concepts I have. Sci-fi is a bit too close to Freelancers. Fantasy is too close to Magnus.

I have the idea of throwing an average Joe type character into a Medieval alternate type realm, something I can sculpt and take control of. Magic, monsters, dragons, elves and dwarves? I don't know. Im not too keen on the same old same old, tried and true fantasy genre.

Anyway its still brewing up a bit. But as an artist I should be thinking with my hand and pencil not my brain too much.

I've began listening to the Tolkien series, begin with "The Hobbit"
I've never read the series, though seen the movies- however I find I get lost in books far more enjoyably than movies.

So perhaps this will expand my view a bit, being the origin of most fantasy.

I think I'll be updating this journal almost daily. I've no one around to babble to so my thoughts and experiences will be vomited out here.

Well my time in Hemet has been pretty... Well lets just say I've pretty much done nothing.

I've canceled my World of Warcraft Account. It's a little too easy to just focus all my time on gearing my character. They design that damn gem to be endlessly addictive.

On the note of Magnus and Freelancers projects:
      I've come to realize, or rather have known, that projects become somewhat impossible to bring into existence if you've let them bake in your head for years without any attempt to bring them into being.

I need, and want, to begin working on art and concept, story material. However I don't think I'll be able to meet the insanely high standards that I've set for Magnus and Ann; the latter being entirely concepted in my mind with nothing to show in any visual format.

So... something new.

Im not sure what yet but I suppose I've pick a genre and give it a go. I'd like to create literature to go along with the pre-production work.

On a more personal note my parents, have been getting more and more upset with my lack of ambition to send out portfolios and create something to get a design job. This is the main reason I decided to remove video games from my life at the moment. Family is important and nothing is more frustrating that parents that don't have much hope in you. I hope, I know, that my work is exceptional- However I don't believe I've ever payed the right amount of tribute to the abilities I have and the potential that I've yet to realize.

To create something complete and attractive to more eyes than my own.

With that I'll end. I remember the depressing quote from the film "The Weatherman"

"Easy does not enter into adult life."
Welp I left school. Moved to Hemet.

No more wacom tablet until I get a job and buy one.

Until Then I suppose I'll brush up on my 3d modeling skills. Get some base meshes and or environments done and ready for zbrush.

Might pay a visit to pencil and paper aswell. For designs.
Why no NEW art?

Good question. Mostly due to a take of wacom tablet. I should sketch on paper, sure. Maybe I will.

Anyway- I might post a few more oldies if I can find some that I like. If not, hopefully I'll have some new stuff to show soon.

I usually write cryptic journals, which sometimes find even themselves confused, in such a way that any collection of text can be.


I'll be uploading a fairly large amount of my old work to deviantArt.
Some has been seen before, some hasn't.

Please comment, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  

Im not going to.

But yeah I am.

You'll see.


Either way, I don't care.
Answer in One Word

1. Yourself: earl

2. Your girlfriend/boyfriend: haha

3. Your hair?: confused

4. Your mother?: awsome

5. Your Father?: dead

6. Your Favorite Item: underwear

7. Your dream last night: insomniac

8. Your Favorite drink: beer

9. Your Dream car: fun?

10. The Room You Are In: mine

11. Your Ex: sorry

12. Your fear: heh

13. What you want to be in 10 years: better

14. Who you hung out with last night?: myself

15. What You're Not?: sure

16. Muffins: no

17: One of Your Wish List Items: money

18: Time: blurry

19. The Last Thing You Did: IM

20. What You Are Wearing: typical

21. Your Favorite Weather: rain

22. Your Favorite Book Genre: good

23. The Last Thing You Ate: taco

24. Your Life: monotonous

25. Your Mood: depressed

26. Your body: bear

27. What are you thinking right now?: gym

29. What are you doing at the moment?: typing

30. Your summer: yours

31. Best part of your life: end
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New hope tears through the white wisps of my financial atmosphere, dawning a warm light on my computer's motherboard.

Before hope there were errors and lockups. Blue messangers plagued my screen bearing the sorrows of systems in failure. Aftereffects would see nothing, and when coaxed to try: it stopped entirely. The ancient mayan programs told tales of great images, yet when ..asked to show: it stopped entirely.

Games, though rarely examined, tore at themself inside out, corrupting and failing.

The ominous riegn of Lord Ati'Radeon Xeight'hundredse has ended. My softwarians now bask in golden aura of the Seventinine Undread Giforse. This Lord knows the secrets of the third channel of DDR.

[I can now do 3D and video work at home.]
[Good shit]
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Yay for me.
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Ok so from what response I've gotten from people, I've decided Im going to start doing this sketch jam thing at school on Weds nights.  For starters I guess anyone who is interested, bring a sketch or wacom (or both) and meet up in the lounge. Or we'll find a room to chill in.

I'll atleast be there starting this Weds Nov 1st. If im sketching alone FINE!

So everyone who is interested stop by chill out and sketch. Inspired eachother. If we get a decent amount of people (2+) We'll come up with random silly/awsome ideas and do timed sketches.

I think I'll be cool! I know I need to use you people for my artistic benefit.

So come and be used.

You can get ahold of me via cell (714) 496-1510.

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I've seen people do this a lot and I really envy them. Sketch jams, a group of people get together and sketch, typically they throw down a topic and a set time. Like robot bunnie invaders for 20 minutes.

I'd like to start getting together a group of people who would be interested in having like a sketch jam night or nights. I can only really confine this to the OC area around AI OC. I suppose mostly just people I know-- but If you live around here and I don't know you, contact me!

Anyway just let me know if you'd be interested and when you can do this. I'll force Phil to join in or something.

C'mon peoples!

(I need your inspirations! And souls!"

Also I just imported one of my models into zbrush and I got exited. I don't often get exited. This is a good thing.
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